Paramount Pictures

Interstellar 4D Experience

We wanted to prepare audiences for Christopher Nolan’s latest sci-fi opus, Interstellar, a film that transcends human space travel to the outer reaches of the universe. To help fans fathom the perils and feeling of deep space travel, we collaborated with Paramount Pictures to create an immersive 4D activation featuring the Oculus Rift DK2. The film takes audiences on a multidimensional quest into a wormhole to save humanity from its demise. It is considered to be Nolan’s most ambitious project yet, with state-of-the-art visual and practical effects combined with a soundtrack that is sure to move audiences at a molecular level. In the 4D experience we encapsulated Nolan’s vision into a self-contained experience where users would be transported through one of the spaceships featured in the film, the Endurance.