Uber ATG & R/GA

My Mission Photo Booth

Behind every great innovation is a team of passionately curious minds dedicated to a common goal and a shared dream for the future. Uber completely changed the game with its ride-share services and now pushes the industry's boundaries even further. Uber's Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) works on developing safe, reliable self-driving cars. We were asked to create an experience for their teams to express and solidify their mission. Through a series of screens, employees input their name, job title, personal title, and what motivates them to work for Uber ATG. They had their photo taken, and their statement was shared via email, which will be used down the road for projections and print media. Simple with intuitive navigation, we designed the app true to the Uber brand. Hardware was sourced to ensure seamless software integration across head offices in San Francisco, Seattle, Pittsburg, and Boulder.