Wrangler On My Booty

When your brand is mentioned in a record breaking, genre bending, chart topping song that takes over the world, you’d be a fool not to partner up, take that loot and ride off into the sunset.

Get that collab

After hearing the lyrics "Wrangler on my booty" flood the airwaves with the crossover country/hip hop explosion, Old Town Road, Wrangler capitalized on the influential mention by partnering with artist Lil Nas X for a denim collab. We teamed up with Wrangler and Mother New York to develop and design a microsite that recognized your "Wrangler Booty" through computer vision.

Scan your booty

Using your mobile device's camera, the microsite scans and detects the logo on a pair of Wrangler jeans, unlocking exclusive behind-the-scenes content from the recent music video with Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus.

Wrangler On My Booty


This booty-scanning microsite successfully generated media buzz and amplified the launch of the collaborative clothing line, drawing large amounts of traffic to Wrangler.com and resulting in a significant ROI for the denim brand.