USAF Collaboratory

The Air Force Collaboratory: Crowdsourcing students to solve real-world problems.

Strut our stuff

Innovation is a hallmark of the U.S. Air Force. They proved it was more than just talk when they came to us with a unique challenge: Build a secure crowdsourcing platform where they could collaborate with students to solve three real-world challenges, then document the product launches developed at the Collaboratory. We can neither confirm nor deny any official involvement in the project, but it was a massive success.

Gamifying a platform

Building a full show package was a bit of new territory for us. While we have created a multitude of motion graphics, we reveled in creating timeless bumpers and transitions for future Air Force projects. Additionally, we directed art, graphics and stylistic choices across the board.


We motivated students through gamification and an ability to earn badges and speak with like-minded students and mentors. The projects themselves ranged from building a better drone to launching a satellite to search and rescue during a disaster.