This Is Shawn

Giving fans an intimate, inside look at Shawn Mendes' creative process, from inspiration to performing on tour.

In our hearts

Since his debut on Vine, Canada’s Shawn Mendes has not had mercy on our hearts. We partnered with Verizon and Momentum Worldwide to create a fully immersive experience for Shawn’s fans.

In our minds

Our experience allowed fans to be implanted into three main phases of Shawn’s creative process: inspiration, production and stage. The exhibit included four key touch points, which we purposefully organized to track the journey of each participant. Once registered, participants moved through the rooms which showed the settings and inspiration for Shawn’s hit songs.


A 360° projection of a packed stadium singing along to the hit single, Life of the Party, wrapped up this project. Fans went wild, and we loved witnessing their excitement.