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With over 100 locations and over 250 unique menus, The Keg needed a site that was enticing, trustworthy, highly specialized, and built for good times—just like them.

Can we get you a table?

As the premium steakhouse celebrated its 50th anniversary, The Keg asked us to redesign its site to embody the spirit and excellence of a night out at The Keg. By streamlining the site’s content and hierarchy, bringing the visuals into better alignment with its brand, and building in customizability for its constantly evolving menus, we created a site that effortlessly immerses prospective guests in the look, feel and irrepressible energy of The Keg. 

Thinkingbox designed a functional site with great user interface to express the new brand look as well as integrate the Keg's revamped branding.

Hot off the grill

We cooked up a robust and flexible site that supports 100+ locations and 250+ unique, ever-changing menus. In addition to a custom menu system, we built a custom Careers/HR platform to enhance the hiring process for one of the Top Employers in Canada (since 2003!). Third-party tools were integrated to efficiently build out location-based content, group dining requests, and gift cards and donations. Intricate motion elements draw the eye, guiding visitors and giving the site that timeless yet modern look. Between frontend and backend development, we ensured that the warm and welcoming energy of The Keg radiated from the UX, copy, interactive elements, and visual design—inviting guests in, educating them on the grill and bar’s legendary steak offerings, and fully recreating that special in-person Keg experience.

The Keg website features easy to use navigation and intuitive menu for users. The drop down menu asks for your location so that the correct restaurant menu can be viewed.
The Keg's website case study featuring multiple pages that have gone from wireframes to the final results of a fully functional website.
The Keg website design case study


The site was a sizzling success and fortified our ongoing relationship with The Keg. We continue to work hand-in-hand with them on updates, changes, and monthly maintenance.