The Good Place

Life is not simple. It is stressful and complex, filled with endless decisions that can go one way or the other. For Eleanor Shellstrop, it turns out the afterlife doesn’t get any forking easier. With some help from Google, we will make it all a little bit more effortless.
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Embrace the pandemonium

With NBC’s The Good Place nearing its third season premiere, we partnered with Giant Spoon to develop an obscenities filter for Chrome. But we didn’t stop there. To draw in audiences during a saturated season for entertainment, we aimed to immerse users in the bright and colorful, yet philosophically heavy world that is the show. We designed and developed a Chrome extension that brings The Good Place to your browsing experience. New tab pages are styled after "The Good Place," "The Bad Place" and Earth, with subtle cinemagraphs and hundreds of permutations loaded with easter eggs designed specifically for the fans.

Search (for meaning)

A built in obscenities censor filters out swear words and swaps them with innocent alternatives. Everyone forking loves it! We also turned the Google homepage into "The Google Place" and incorporated Janet, the show’s resident know-it-all, into the search process. Users are able to sentence YouTube videos to the good place or the bad place in lieu of the thumbs up/down voting.


Upon launch, The Chrome extension immediately generated buzz, seeing over 5,000 downloads within its first week, and editorial coverage by several media outlets, including Nerdist, Gizmodo, Syfy, The A.V Club, and Cultureless. From a technical perspective, we really nerded out on ‘Hacking the DOM’ in big websites like Google and YouTube—a great opportunity to get some insights into their frontend methodologies.


  • Giant Spoon