Bullseye’s Top Toys

In partnership with Wasserman, Target needed a tech-forward approach to level-up their Holiday Wonderland event with a touch of magic.

No Phones, No Problem

Nothing ruins the holiday spirit more than someone constantly on their phone during quality time. That’s why we knew doing whatever we could to foster genuine interactions between attendees and our activation would lead to the most magical moments of the holidays.

Wish Lists With A Tap

We achieved this magic through a simple tap. Upon entry, each attendee got their very own event passport equipped with a hidden NFC chip that they carried with them throughout the experience. When they saw something they wanted guests simply tapped their passport on the toy and it was automatically added to their wish list. Behind the scenes, every tap recorded the interaction directly to a users profile. At the end of the experience, users could tap at the check-out booth to generate a printed and digital wish list to take home with them.

A Wonderful Experience For All

What a whirlwind production (x 3) and a ton of fun was had from start to finish (ideation, creative direction, creative technology and design, experience design and production). We touched down in 3 cities across the U.S. and reached over 18,000 guests. The Top Toys exhibit recorded 40K+ passport taps and registered 2,400 emails.