Subway Swag Shop

Subway’s been keeping it fresh since 1965. To celebrate their new menu, we created a unique hype drop and a swag shop to purchase limited edition Subway swag. 
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Eat Fresh, Look Fresh

Twelve iconic subs. Twelve unique items. We created custom drip and a shop to showcase these pieces inspired by the legendary subs on the new Subway Series Menu. From creative UX/UI design to development, to retail management. Our team created and managed the design for all the swag items in the shop, each with its own delicious personality and fresh appeal. 


Now you can wear Subway’s most irresistible subs ever. We were able to push custom swag merch for a limited-run hype drop, under a tight launch timeline, without sacrificing quality or customization. All of the pieces we made for the Subway Series Swag Shop were designed to keep you fresh.