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Silver Spring Campaign

Crafting an energetic brand renaissance for a beloved denim brand.
New branding elements created by Thinkingbox for Silver Jeans Co.

The Ask

Every cool young person had a pair of Silvers in the 90s. Over the last 30 years, the Silver Jeans audience has grown up and now Silver jeans are no longer considered a staple for younger people. So we had a pressing challenge: to reignite its relevance among younger demographics and carve out a distinctive space in the competitive denim market. The task demanded a fresh brand strategy that would authentically resonate with modern consumers while preserving the brand’s cherished heritage.

Same jeans new style. Silver
classic fit silver jeans
Start in Silvers


Through meticulous stakeholder interviews, immersive brand workshops, and in-depth audience analysis, we formulated a robust brand strategy. This strategy positioned Silver Jeans Co. as the quintessential companion for style and adventure. Leveraging both paid and owned social channels, strategic creator partnerships, and compelling content, we brought the brand’s evolution to life. The result was a revitalized brand identity that seamlessly blended nostalgic charm with contemporary appeal, captivating the imaginations of a new generation of denim enthusiasts.

100 years by your side comes with a lot of history.
Model modelling silver jeans in white.
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New brand positioning work resulted in a refreshed, bold tone and a distinguished visual and verbal identity for Silver Jeans Co, designed to connect with their existing and new audiences. Our creative and strategic approach to the relaunch of this historic brand has helped cultivate an ongoing partnership, the planning and execution of a robust social media strategy moving forward and some very happy clients: “We are extremely grateful for the team’s dedication and professionalism. They have been committed to getting our story right, and we are thrilled with the result. The response has been overwhelmingly positive” - Suzanne Silverstein, CEO