Starbucks Spring Horoscopes

You could say this collab was written in the stars. To celebrate the return of spring drinks, we created a Zodiac-inspired microsite to help Starbucks fans start their season off right.

Your horoscope says it’s cold brew season

As part of our ongoing partnership with Starbucks and Big Spaceship, we created Star Signs: a dreamy, inspirational microsite that reads the stars to find your spring flower, color, power words, horoscope, and Starbucks drink. 

Step one: drink a lot of coffee

We custom-built the Zodiac wheel controls and designed the 3D background environment where the stars and clouds could scatter across the sky at random. We also created a custom video player to display the animated illustrations with transparency. Star Signs is friendly to screen-readers and keyboard navigation. The site is whimsical, dynamic, and built for everyone (even Geminis.)

So what does the future hold?

You could say the fates aligned. Our Star Signs generated +400,000 total users, 78.7% engagement rate and +60,000 chart downloads


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