Season Start

Reaching champion levels of art direction and design, the Riot 2020 Season Start unleashes the stoke in us all.

Leveling up

Our longstanding partnership with Riot Games gives us the opportunity to think ahead and think bigger for some of their most important events and updates. Season 2020 provided the chance to pursue a new hub design—developing the visual identity for the Season Start campaign that would be delivered to players across the globe.

Riot Season Start 2020: Red, yellow, green, blue, purple
Riot Season Start 2020: red dominate
Riot Season Start 2020: Blue hunt
Riot Season Start 2020: Yellow control
Riot Season Start 2020: Green protect
Riot Season Start 2020: purple eliminate
Riot Season Start 2020 countdown

Ready to rumble

We worked hand-in-hand with the Riot team to create unique champion key art and develop the overall brand language and visual design system. The new design hyped players with a week-long launch campaign, allowing users to start the new year ---

Riot Season Start 2020
Riot Season Start 2020: warriors cinematic


Our teams set a new precedent for getting gamers stoked for the season. Positive online reactions from League’s community of millions reminded us how fun campaign creation can be.