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Scream 6: The Experience

Scream VI was taking the Core Four and Ghostface out of Woodsboro and onto the streets and scenes of New York City. To stoke the fandom, Paramount wanted to build out a key location in the Scream VI film, dubbed “The Shrine Room” and tasked Thinkingbox to figure out how to make a killer experience around it.

The Insight

We recognized that fans of the franchise were hesitant about the new direction of the film, as it involved a departure from Woodsboro to New York, and with it a potentially new tone and feel. We dove deep into the fandom of the franchise to listen in and found that audiences needed to be reassured that this film would be just as great as all the stories before it.

The Idea

We designed and produced an experience where Scream VI fans could visit the big apple without having to leave SoCal! From the vibrant sights and sounds down to that unmistakable NY smell – we brought a little bit of NYC right into Santa Monica. Fans were able to experience the pulse of NYC and dive deep into a horror franchise like never before in our unique 15-20 minute immersive walking tour. Visitors were surprised by spooky encounters with Ghostface as they explored an urban realm (that included a bodega, a New York City subway station, the Shrine Room and the Hall of Ghosts) chock full of thrills and terror!

The Approach

We wanted to bring the slasher film franchise into a new era, so we crafted an immersive experience that gave nods to its legacy with Easter eggs and props while also introducing modern New York flair. This inventive approach set out to honor past fans while inviting in fresh faces – reimagining how horror movie marketing can be done.

The Results

Our experience paid off as the event had over 2,545 visitors and +350 million reach across social media including coverage from the best fan blogs. The film went on to grossing over $167 million worldwide creating Screams all around the globe. Our creative approach proved to be an effective strategy in reinvigorating a beloved franchise, while also expanding its reach and audience appeal.