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Scream VI

Paramount came to Thinkingbox with the idea to build out a pivotal scene in the Scream VI film (the shrine room) and asked us to create the strategy and killer experience wrapped around this iconic new location.

A Killer Experience in a New Location

Our strategic approach began with recognizing fans’ tension by taking Ghostface out of Woodsboro and into New York with a new tone and feel. We also knew we had to hit a very high bar and show that even though there was a lot of novelty around this title, its origins were deeply rooted in the lore that came before. Aware that audiences needed to be reassured that this film would be just as great as the movies that preceded it, we dove deep into the franchise’s fandom and found that, to get them excited about the fright-filled future of the franchise, we needed to celebrate its past.

Will Fans Scream?

With their key franchise star out and a new location and vision in, there was skepticism among fans that this Scream wouldn’t scream Scream.

Bringing the Legacy to Life, One More Time

To address this tension, we crafted a creative experience that integrated custom-designed easter eggs, clever callbacks, and actual movie props from the entire series, all wrapped in an elevated, artful, and tech-enabled NYC aesthetic that ups the bar for future slasher films. We leveraged these elements to assure fans that Scream's legacy would be respected and be able to pay homage to the franchise's roots while also modernizing it for a new generation.

An Experience Like No Other

Our approach paid off as the event had over 2,500 visitors and 2,2956 impressions across social media, including coverage from the best fan blogs. The film grossed over $43 million on opening weekend, the best debut of any movie in the Scream franchise.