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VALORANT — Episode 4

The first rule of "VALORANT" is that it's always set in all-caps. Here's how we're helping Riot's hyper-successful tactical-FPS craft branded evergreen content for their social channels.

Introducing Episode 4

VALORANT is Riot’s AAA answer to competitive, team-based tactical FPS. Within the VAL ecosystem, Episodes are holistic events that occur in-world that make way for campaign and evergreen beats, acting as a narrative time-capsule for VAL’s ever-growing content. We were able to help produce a wealth of content for Episode 04, from moments that helped the introduction of two new agents, to ongoing beats like Night Market, Battle Pass + Ranked initiatives, store bundle highlights, and narrative storytelling moments.

From Act to Act

Acts live within each Episode, helping to make digestible moments and give way to clear moments in the Episode’s overall storytelling and creating a deeper and richer in-game and around-game experience. Our team slots in help provide the VALORANT social team with visual design, motion graphics, and illustration solutions in an ongoing collaboration across multiple episode acts.

Our work spans across a variety of mediums that speak to VALORANT’s overall brand. Whether it be a Twitter post that cheekily references a beloved in-game Easter egg, or an Instagram illustration that speaks to VALORANT’s character intrigue and ever-developing lore—TBX ideates, designs, and iterates on tactics across VALORANT’s social channels for maximum player engagement. Our team scales and partners with VAL to make impactful creative solves that continue to build brand affinity.

Fade in, Fade out.

Our personal favorite might have to be this piece though. With the launch of VALORANT’s first Turkish agent Fade, we had the chance to help build out an animated music visualizer for KARANLIĞIN.


Our partnership with VALORANT social will continue through 2022 and we look forward to all the engaging content we'll create together for players around the globe.


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