Revanesse® Lips

To all who get the work done: we see you.

Unapologetic beauty

In the debate between "natural" beauty and artificial augmentation, some beauty brands have a tendency to shy away from controversy. We helped Prollenium's Revanesse® brand step up and own their space with a bold and beautiful content and social campaign that celebrated people who own—and earn—their look.

Read our lips

Our work began with a strategy that produced our key insight and objective: to inspire professionals to see Revanesse®'s dermal fillers as an achievable luxury they could proudly show off to the world. We executed this insight with an anthemic and provocative statement video, culminating in our tagline: "I get the work done." In parallel with the video shoot, we captured photography for use in a robust paid and organic social campaign, planned and executed in-house via AntiSocial.


We relish the opportunity to craft work that brings together our talents in strategy, media, social, film, design, motion and writing—all the more special to do it while working closely with a daring, collaborative, open-minded client.