Corona Recharge

What if you could turn a dying phone into a relaxing round of beers? Disconnecting from the digital world to reconnect with yourself and a premium Mexican-style Lager.

R&R With A Bottle of Corona

We teamed up with Wieden+Kennedy Portland to create a beer fridge that only opens with a dying phone. Turning the stress of a low battery into a relaxing round of beers.

No Battery, No Problem

We used a machine-learning model to recognize the various states and versions of common battery icons. When the fridge detects a depleted battery, it automatically opens with an electromagnet. Just sit chill, and have an ice-cold Corona.

Cheers To A Dying Phone

We made disconnecting more enjoyable. Instead of stressing about your phone’s low battery, you can now use the last bit of charge to unlock a fridge full of Corona. #ThisIsLiving


  • Corona
  • Wieden+Kennedy Portland