QuickBooks Videos

Every small business starts with a passion. QuickBooks helps businesses thrive with tools that let entrepreneurs focus on what they love.

Uplifting entrepreneurs

QuickBooks was looking to revamp their messaging and explore new ways of connecting with their users. Our goal was to create videos that not only explained the product, but also set a vision for how their creative content would be produced going forward. Originally created for a US market, we later localized the videos for Canada to expand the brand’s reach.

Real-world business

We showcased the simplicity of QuickBooks through beautifully fluid UI animations, highlighting the real-world impact that their service could have on a business. By creating a narrative and profiling real small business owners in the videos, we gave context and power to the benefits of QuickBooks for users new and old.


Our initial videos paved the way for an ongoing partnership with QuickBooks, but the real win is that we were able to contribute to a brand that emphasizes human creativity, entrepreneurship and community.