A mattress built on a hyper-elastic grid of breathable air chambers. Cool, huh?

Taking on Big Foam

In the highly competitive industry of direct-to-consumer online mattress retail, memory foam dominates. Since launching on Kickstarter in 2015, Purple has been challenging this convention with its own proprietary comfort innovation: The Purple Grid™—a completely unique sleep surface that allows body heat to move more freely than foam for a cooler, more comfortable night’s sleep. Purple asked Thinkingbox to create a video to highlight the temperature-neutral features of their Grid in an eye-catching, unforgettable way.

Coooool like that

Our approach was to make Purple and “cool” unmistakably synonymous with a visceral, visual collage and a bit of Purple's hallmark humor. Amongst beautiful, super-slow-mo footage of sleepers floating in air, our animated type supers take a surprising turn to the absurd. But, like sleeping on Purple, the whole thing is much better experienced than described. Enjoy the ride!


Besides having a blast figuring out how many 'ooo's we could jam into a video, our design approach helped Purple define their evolving brand language—we employed similar styles and type effects in subsequent projects.