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Brand Identity + Website

Informed and intelligent site design for a world-class machine learning company.

Beyond a smart redesign

What started as a site redesign quickly evolved into so much more in our ongoing partnership with Primer, a San Francisco-based company that uses Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence to automate the analysis of the world's text-based information. Already well established in National Security circles, a key business objective of Primer is to accelerate its growing presence in the commercial space. They needed their website to convey their cutting-edge innovation and expertise to both private and public sector audiences. Our work began with a process of strategic discovery that included stakeholder interviews and competitive research, uncovering a clear direction for the site and the brand. Design followed by exploring the foundational elements of their brand: reinterpreting their logo with motion in mind, refreshing their color palette, and refining their use of type.

Thoughtful design, deep experiences

The result: a confident, authoritative, clean design language, infused with conceptual accents and motion elements that communicate the clarity Primer brings to the chaos of the world's collected information. We designed the UX of the site to not only scale and expand for future products, but to deepen—with engaging experiences that invite closer investigation.

From site to brand and beyond

Working in close partnership with Primer, our strategic design process not only informed the look and feel of the website, but helped our client better understand and clarify their own brand. The work went on to influence executions well beyond the web: from media to campaigns to marketing materials, video and social.


We love working with smart people who recognize the deep value of design thinking. The expansion of our work to well beyond its initial scope is a validation of our holistic problem-solving approach, and a credit to our strategic capabilities and thoughtful visual craft. The traffic numbers provided their own form of validation in the first three months since the relaunch: website users ▲ 224%, new users ▲ 227%, bounce rate ▼ 69%, pages per session ▲ 218%, and average session duration ▲ 48%.