AmexDigital & Experiential

AMEX Platinum Studio x Art Basel

In collaboration with Amex Platinum Studio, Unstaged, and Momentum Worldwide, we crafted an immersive web experience at Art Basel 2021 in Miami Beach.

Instant and Exclusive Access

AMEX Platinum cardholders were given exclusive access to view various art pieces selected for display at Miami Beach during the festival. Cardholders could scan the corresponding QR codes on every piece to view art displayed, users were able to seamlessly navigate to other pieces through the web experience, meanwhile viewing the art live and in person. Each piece had its own custom page that related to the artwork, and if inclined, guests had the option to purchase the art through the seller’s portal or through the web experience.

Feeling Good As Hell

Thinkingbox built a web experience that provided the audience with a live feed of Lizzo-related products as she performed at the festival. Fans were able to choose the latest product as it showed up on the webpage and could purchase right there on the e-commerce site while enjoying Lizzo’s music on the beach.

Connecting Fans And Art

Our live web experience brought art and their stories together, culminating in what we believe to be the future of installation and gallery attendance. In addition to ushering in a refined art exploration experience, our live digital marketplace gave music aficionados (and Lizzo fans in particular) an all-access pass to their favorite artists’ merch on the spot.


  • Momentum Worldwide