BMW 360°

A seamless 360° interior experience that puts you firmly in the driver's seat of the brand new BMW 4 Series.

Step into the 4

Since 2013, the BMW 4 Series has been admired for its sporty, agile look combined with its superior comfort and luxury. We were tasked with capturing the exciting new features of the 4 Series via an immersive 360° interior experience. Pinterest and Thinkingbox became the driving force behind the microsite, working together to create a Pin Extension to work seamlessly with the Pinterest in-app browser.

WIP becomes WHIP

The microsite contained multiple hotspots, allowing the user to look around and interact with the interior of the car. Vue.js and SCSS made up the base for our experience. We integrated Marzipano’s 360 Media Viewer and leveraged their custom hotspot support to tailor the experience to our liking. Sleek and modern animations were implemented with a combination of GSAP and native CSS animations to capture the expressive design and incomparable dynamics of the 4 Series.


Seamless integration with Pinterest's in-app browser and slick animation drive us home in this impressive and immersive microsite. Now if we could just get our hands on the wheel of one IRL...


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