Netflix Pride

If you’ve got something on your chest that you need to say out loud, make sure you say it proud. Share your Pride story with Netflix and spread the love to those who need it most. Your story just might change someone else's world.

Collecting stories of Pride

In 2019, Toronto Pride attendees had the opportunity to share their story with the world, and with those who might still be struggling to accept themselves. We worked with Netflix and Sid Lee to create a personal story booth to live at Toronto Pride for 3 days.

Enter the prism

We designed an enclosed prism structure covered in a stunning iridescent vinyl typically reserved for automotive wrapping. This gave the booth a unique, refracted rainbow effect—perfect for representing the diversity of the LGBTQ community. Inside the booth is a two-camera setup and an iPad that guides and prompts parade goers as they tell their 60-second Pride-themed story or personal message. The iPad is preloaded with 15 questions, but serves up participants a random selection of six.


Dozens of Pride stories were recorded and edited for sharing out on Netflix social channels, expanding their reach far beyond the parade—and establishing Netflix as an ally in the continuing fight for LGBTQIA+ equality.


  • Sid Lee