I Am Canadian

Coming from a range of diverse backgrounds, nothing brings Canadians together better than a cold beer. Unite, unlock and enjoy a bevvy the Canadian way.

Better together

In celebration of Canadians from across the globe, Molson partnered with Rethink and Thinkingbox to create the latest addition to the Molson Beer Fridge family. A true reflection of the diversity in Canada, this interactive fridge required users to speak 6 different languages before it would open.

I Am Canadian Molson Canadian fridge

We are Canadian

The Molson Beer Fridge utilized Google’s voice recognition technology to initiate a challenge that required users to say “I am Canadian” in 6 different languages in order to unlock. Once opened, the participants were rewarded with ice cold beers to celebrate.


Celebrating diversity, beer and the values that connect us all! This exciting display reminded us that we have more in common than we think.


  • Rethink


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    Silver Pencil: Consumer - Ambient / Environmental

  • Bronze: Engagement/Experiential

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