Mazda 3 Auto Show

The essence of a car isn’t the engine or the body, it’s the spaces in between.

Art + vision

The Mazda3 got an overhaul, and instead of more—there is less. For the 2019 auto show circuit, we partnered with Mazda and JWT to create an interactive kiosk that introduced and engaged show attendees with the newly refined Mazda3.

Highlighting culture

The installation featured a magic mirror, an integrated tablet display and four traditional Japanese artifacts, each telling the story behind the “artful design,” the “all-wheel drive,” the “quiet cabin” and the “refined interior.” As attendees interacted with the artifacts, their touch triggered associated content on each display.


The installation travelled across Canada at half a dozen auto shows, reaching over a million people and garnering over 100,000 interactions. These stories left attendees with an intimate and profound appreciation for the vision and engineering behind the car’s design.


  • Wunderman Thompson