MasterControl Redesign

Changing the way we see quality control software, forever.

Renewing brand potential

MasterControl approached us to help solve a common problem—how do you make forms sexy? As a leader in quality control software, they got a lot of things right, but their messaging and visual language was dated. We worked collaboratively with their team to develop a new identity for their digital products, and made some beautiful visuals along the way.

MasterControl Redesign
Master Control Redesign SX Supplier
Master Control Redesign

Lights. Camera. Action.

To capture photo and video assets for the brand, we built a set that featured a one-shot take with multiple actors and a rotating set piece. It was insanely challenging and featured over 80 colored Quasar tubes, plus a badass robotic arm that we got to program. The site was fully re-envisioned with an eye towards experience and technical expertise.

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MasterControl Redesign
MasterControl Redesign Photography
MasterControl Redesign Photography
MasterControl Redesign Photography


Our system provided the MasterControl team with the tools they needed to continue to evolve the brand. Plus, bringing beauty to bureaucracy was a total win.