Lifepack Saves

Today's gamers are great at getting kills, but they've never been given the opportunity to save real lives. Until now.

Gaming with global impact

Millions of children die from malnutrition every year. To combat this global crisis an bring much-needed awareness to a new generation, the Eleanor Crook Foundation (ECF) and Lifepack launched Lifepack Saves. The initiative enlists the help of the video game industry to end severe malnutrition by raising money through in-game purchases. Every 25 cents raised through Lifepack will provide one life-saving Ready-To-Use Therapeutic Food Packet (RUTF) to a child in need. Thinkingbox teamed up with ECF and the Hive Agency to create a unique, free-to-play game featured on the Lifepack website. Inspired by retro arcade games, the 8-bit web game and landing page makes it simple for gamers to join the cause. To celebrate the launch, gamers will be able to unlock a days worth of RUTF every time they play.

No more malnutrition monsters

We created a nostalgic, addictive game experience to tell a simple story; malnutrition is the leading cause of death in children. Our hero (a small child) jumps over obstacles while collecting RUTF packs to kill malnutrition monsters. Using gameplay mechanics, we fed the user key stats on malnutrition across the world. The landing page also features information about the initiative to inspire gamers. Lifepack Saves is built to work across any platform and any game which makes it simple for gamers to join the cause.


We don't get to make video games that save real kids' lives every day, so this one is near and dear to our hearts. In its first 26 hours, the site raised 10,000 days of treatment for kids who need it most. The campaign reached an audience of over 381 million people, receiving 51 million+ media impressions and 134k social engagements. Go gamers!


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