Jasper AIDigital

Jasper Website

To launch a new product and brand positioning, Jasper needed a scroll-stopping campaign and engaging homepage to change the conversation about AI. 

The Ask & Brief

To launch their Brand Voice feature, Jasper AI asked us to design a homepage to reflect their new positioning and capabilities. The homepage would be a key touchpoint to introduce marketers and creators at enterprise companies to Jasper’s new messaging—so it needed a new look and feel to stand out from the sea of same in the crowded AI category.

Thinkingbox designed Jasper AI's website. Here the Jasper homepage is featured.
Jasper mascot robot that helps you navigate through jasper's features.
Jasper website on mobile phone.
A feature of how Jasper can help users with marketing and social media.

The Challenge

Jasper was the first-ever writing AI to incorporate brand voice into their offering, so they needed an equally innovative and exciting homepage to cut through the noise and make sure the right people were hearing them. There’s a lot of writing AIs out there, and most of them are saying the same sort of things in the same sort of way. Jasper AI is never generic, so their homepage shouldn’t be, either.

Jasper website design shown on a mobile device with a baby pink background that reads "thanks jasper"
Jasper AI website on mobile device showing features, pricing, business, community, languages, reviews.
Jasper AI website featured on mobile device reading 100,00+ customers creating real content with Jasper.
Jasper Artificial Intelligence Website design


After identifying and analyzing key barriers, drivers, and needs for Jasper’s target audience, we created a unique digital experience to visually set them apart from the competition. The new homepage is bold and dynamic, optimized for both mobile and desktop. By showcasing Jasper Brand Voice in action, visitors can see how Jasper creates scalable content in their brand voice—whether they speak boldly, cheekily, formally, or only in internet speak (👋 u do u).