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Invincible Drive-In

The iconic Rose Bowl became the smoldering battleground for an epic fight for the universe during the screening of Prime Video's hotly awaited animated superhero show, Invincible.

Driving the experience

Prime Video asked us to create an epic 2021 drive-in experience to debut the first two episodes of Robert Kirkman's awesomely irreverent new series. Our solution brought the world of Invincible to life in a space that included large-scale installations, live character performances, a custom-branded food truck, a mid-air, in-car photo op, pyrotechnic flames, and to top it all off, a surprise stunt timed to sync perfectly with the premiere's most shocking scene. Caution: spoilers ahead!

High-octane thrills

After driving through the experience and parking to watch the series premiere, cars in the "splash zone" were treated to a gory surprise: a shockingly deadly moment in the show triggered cannons filled with blood-red liquid to explode, splattering the front rows in spectacular fashion. It was a fittingly wild introduction to a superhero series that breaks the mold.


Going from green light to opening night in less than 3 weeks, both nights of the free screening sold out within 30 minutes. The unique experience caught the attention of the entertainment press, producing a flurry of stories. Prime Video received a total of 14,200 impressions on the RSVP site and reached 32,700 people on Instagram and Facebook. Superhero premieres may never look the same, and that's fine by us.


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