Hornitos TequilaExperiential

Visions of Agave

How do you celebrate National Tequila Day in NYC? You transport the agave fields, the main ingredient of Tequila to Manhattan. 


We teamed up with Hornitos, in collaboration with Founders Agency, to create a tequila-themed immersive art experience: Visions of Agave. The exhibit sees street artist and muralist MADSTEEZ bring the serene agave fields of Mexico to life inside Studio 525 in Chelsea, New York. We wish you could have joined us, but since our activation had to happen in a 24-hour window; scroll on, and learn about the culture of Mexico and the origins of Tequila.

The Art Of Tequila Making

Made up of four distinct rooms, each one is an artistic interpretation of a key part of the tequila making process. The experience takes visitors on a journey; from soil and agave, to water, to the Jimadores. Projection mapping representing the soil responds in real-time as visitors move through the space. Display footage of Jimadores in the agave fields and MADSTEEZ's mixed media interpretation coalesce to create art. The Bar and Water room celebrate both the process of making tequila and the art of mixology; typography accents a water-inspired installation and soundscape that inspires viewers.

Bringing Mexico To Manhattan

Known for our elegant combination of physical and digital design execution, our team creative directed and managed the entire event. From location scouting and event design to fabrication, projection mapping, and content creation – in 24 hours.

A Shot Worth Taking

Inspired by MADSTEEZ, New Yorker’s were able to “see” and experience the agave fields right in the heart of Manhattan. The lineup around the block in Chelsea NYC is a reflection of how Visions of Agave hit a note in pop culture.


  • Hornitos Tequila
  • Founders Agency
  • Turner Duckworth