Farida The Fortune Teller

Reveal the fortune found in your Cookies 'n' Creme bar.

Fortune meets cookies

To drive engagement and to highight the mystical wonder found in every Cookies 'n' Creme bar, Thinkingbox partnered with Anomaly to produce a desktop and mobile microsite where users can have their fortune unveiled to them in the form of a contest campaign. Just like the back of every Cookies 'n' Creme bar is different, so is each person’s fortune.

Receive your reading

The microsite allowed users to upload a photo of the back of a Cookies 'n' Creme bar, which Farida the Fortune Teller would read to provide users with a unique, shareable glimpse into their future. Lucky users would be entered into a contest where they would have a chance to win an array of Hershey's products.


Call it what you will- psychic, oracle, the soothsayer of the interweb- we were able to create a true visionary in the form of this clever microsite which generated buzz and was a blast to put together. We’d call that a foreordained success!