Happy EggDigital

Always Choose Happy

Free range, cage free, organic, farm fresh... huh? To combat the confusion, we made a website that explains, in simple terms, why Happy Eggs make you feel eggs-tra good.
Launch Site

Good eggs for good people

Happy Egg asked us to create a content strategy for their new website, and design and develop the site to launch their new brand statement, “Always Choose Happy.” We did it all: UI/UX, strategy, design, development, content production, art direction, compositing, copywriting, motion graphics and even photo and video post production.

This yolk ain’t no joke

Egg yolks are simultaneously amorphous in motion and somehow uniquely recognizable. Recreating this visual effect for Happy Egg was a challenge. Through careful and efficient use of our web skills, we were able to reproduce the “look and feel” of a nutritious, delicious egg yolk.


Besides learning a lot about hens and egg nutrition, we met and egg-ceeded Happy Egg’s primary success metric by relaunching the brand digitally and creating an award-winning experience.