Budtender AR App

Legalization has converted a generation of casual pot enthusiasts into cannabis connoiseurs. This app is for them.

Cannabis goes high tech

In preparation for the annual Lift Expo, Figr and Thinkingbox worked together to develop and design a one of a kind 3D AR app that scanned Figr product packaging to give consumers the ability to experience cannabis like never before, and track their product from seed to sale.

Deep and detailed

When customers, or "budtenders," open the app, they are presented with an age gate and a camera prompting them to scan the Figr logo. Once scanned, the app produces a detailed 3D render of their specific strain, and they can dive deeper into its botanical profile. Users can interact with the plant to see info such as the plant origins and the terpene profile, which informs taste and aroma of the strain.


The app is currently live in Canada and continues to cater to cannabis connoiseurs with updates that include a new Strain Selector quiz to help customers identify the perfect strain for every occasion.


  • Wunderman Thompson