Door to Shop Small

In partnership with Momentum, we created a unique shopping experience for AMEX’s 14th annual Small Business Saturday.

Highlighting Small Businesses

We were tasked to create an innovative digital experience that showcased small business partners and their products at the start of the holiday season. To attract the attention and loyalty of new generation shoppers, we leveraged the power of AR to break down the barriers between traditional brick & mortar browsing and digital accessibility.

AR Powered Shopping

This project includes a custom campaign microsite and six uniquely designed Augmented Reality (AR) experiences showcasing ten American small businesses. By activating the six AR filters, guests explored each hero product first-hand in an environment reflective of each business’ brand. They even had the option to purchase the product online. We produced two ways to view these experiences, at-home and in real life. The IRL activation is akin to an art installation with six freestanding doors each with image targets. Customers scanned their phones, walked through a real door across installations in NY, Chicago and LA and became fully immersed in these environments with an ability to purchase the products they came in contact with.

The Future of E-Commerce

We dialled up the power of AR to 11 on this execution, setting a milestone for AR fidelity and continuing to shape the future of commerce.