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Cuphead Countdown

We created a gamified countdown experience for fans and gamers for the new Netflix hit series The Cuphead Show.

Welcome to The Cuphead Show

Cuphead, the immensely popular video game developed by Studio MDHR,  is coming to Netflix. To celebrate this, we teamed up with Heyo! Consulting to create a memorable immersive experience for fans and gamers that not only had the challenges of the game itself but generated buzz and excitement for the diehard Cuphead community, and do it all with the stylized “rubber hose” style animated look of the show.

For those looking for fun

To maximize the show’s exposure and amplify the social engagement, we brought in our sister social media agency, AntiSocial Solutions, to do social planning to understand trends and communication across different platforms for the Cuphead fandom. Using that research we created a website that incentivizes fans to participate in a gamified experience to unlock exclusive downloadable and shareable content. Some tasks were made to be extremely difficult, but that’s in tune with the game itself.

Case study showing cards made by Thinkingbox for Cuphead show countdown
cuphead show countdown design
cuphead show countdown fan participation


We generated a lot of buzz! We designed and produced a super fun website (user interface, user experience, development) and social campaign (strategy, social listening, content planning, content production, community management) all within six weeks.


  • Heyo! Consulting
  • Netflix