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Adobe Consonant Identity

During our long standing partnership with Adobe, we have worked on the Consonant design system for over 3 years, but it was time for a refresh. The brand was in need of a new inspiring look and feel that was representative of the system’s momentum.

Reinventing for Growth

Looking to the future for Adobe Consonant meant not going rogue with a whole new identity, but rather to make a statement through simple, strategic design. An elegant and minimal approach was taken with delicacy yet promised impact.

Adobe consonant branding refresh

Thoughtful Design, Deep Experiences

Evolving a brand’s creative identity is a fun balancing act of pushing the boundaries, while finding restraint when needed. It was important to propel the creative forward while remaining true to its established brand. 

Adobe Develop with the new refreshed branding on bright orange and red background.
Adobe Create with new Adobe Consonant branding on bright purple and pink background.
Adobe Build featuring refreshed Adobe Consonant branding with bright green and blue background.
Adobe Consonant branding displayed on mobile screens and web screens.
Black and white geometric background with Adobe Consonant "C" in the middle in purple.

From site to brand and beyond

Our development of the brand system created the consistency and quality Adobe needed to align their team as they rolled out their system design across

Adobe consonant rebrand website example