Coda, an industry-leading provider of gaming monetization platforms, needed a brand new mascot character to level up its Codashop brand. We were more than game to support.

The Ask & Brief

To create a novel character worthy of Codashop, we knew the mascot had to reflect the brand and embody its ideals: It needed to stand out against others in the space to strengthen Coda's brand equity in the marketplace, and it needed to be fun.

Codashop mascot CODEE
Codashop Mascot CODEE on field on pink with neon yellow
Codashop mascot

The Strategy

We looked closely at Codashop and its audience to identify those traits that best reflected them. They’re a positive bunch, a bit unhinged but in an endearing way. What would resonate with them? What would connect and reinforce the message that Codashop is a cheerful and trustworthy payment platform for players?

Creative Process

We then set about concepting all the ways that might come to life in a mascot: the character’s shape and color, its personality and behavior—even movement and sound.

Game On

From concept to in-game guide, we delivered an accessible, approachable, player-first experience to help Codashop connect better with their US audience.

The Outcome

One gem-ually genuine payment companion, just what the doctor ordered. Nice to meetcha, Codee! Our recognizable and memorable mascot is featured on Coda’s websites, and across all social media channels.