Arctic Home

The ice caps are melting, and the WWF works aggressively to prevent their demise. We are helping spread the word.

Global warming hits home

The polar bear has long been one of the most lovable Coca-Cola icons, but with the warming arctic climate, the polar bear's home is in danger of disappearing. To demonstrate how we can all help minimize the effects of the melting ice caps, Coca-Cola joined hands with the WWF in an effort to protect the polar bears’ natural habitat with their Arctic Home campaign. Zulu Alpha Kilo and Thinkingbox teamed up to create The Coca-Cola Arctic Home, a temperature-controlled Arctic ecosystem that simulates the natural habitat of the polar bears studied in Eureka, Nunavut and visually demonstrates the difficulties polar bears face due to global warming in the Arctic.

Pledge your action

During the month-long tour that hit a number of select Canadian cities, participants were able to film a pledge about how they would help the environment, either at the display or online. For every pledge made, the temperature in the enclosure would lower, but if no one took action, the temperature would slowly rise, melting the ice surrounding the polar bears.


This installation brought Canadians together and vividly demonstrated how their collective action could have a remarkable effect, helping to ensure a healthy future for the Arctic and the polar bears who call it home.


  • Zulu Alpha Kilo