Chobani Oatmilk Cosmic Race

It's time to embark on a mission, a mission for nutrition. Chobani enters the Metaverse with a Roblox interplanetary race game.
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Oatmilk Is Everywhere

Oatmilk is everywhere, and it has proliferated our planet in perpetuity. Chobani is bringing Oatmilk to the internet, rap videos, nail salons, and now the Metaverse. Our team had the opportunity to concept a game outside our galaxy, in a planetary system that needs oatmilk to thrive. Now, we need you, brave pilot, to compete in a space race of epic proportions delivering delicious oat milk across the cosmos as fast as you can! 

The Chobani Space Port

The lobby is a lush healthy environment where oat milk has made it thrive and come to life.  Roam around the rich surroundings inspired by Chobani, where branded moments come to life and easter eggs are hidden everywhere.

The Cosmic Race

Choose your favorite Cosmic Oat Racer, race through the multi-route interstellar track, and deliver delicious oatmilk to as many planets as possible. Explore new planets, collect oat powered speed boosts or powerups. Once you finish the race you can use your points to unlock cool Chobani swag.

Charity Alliance with Hunger Free America 

Every race completed will drive charity donations right here on Earth in alliance with Hungry Free America. When the target goal is reached, Chobani will donate $75,000 to Hunger Free America. 

Creating the Cosmic Race World

We created a world inspired by all the healthy goodness of Chobani (ideation, creative direction, production, original content), and developed a race through the cosmos in Roblox Studio— all within a few months. Over 5000 plays in the first 2 weeks. Total playtime: 14+ hrs. 5-minute avg. session time.


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