The Snack Museum

Ever find a Cheeto so funny looking you thought it belonged in a museum of its own? Well, now that museum exists, and Chester Cheetah is your guide.

Making Cheeto history

Step inside the halls of Cheeto greatness (and weirdness) to get an up-close look at some of the most incredible Cheeto shapes ever accidentally created. An animated Chester guides you through this first ever Augmented Reality museum devoted entirely to oddly-shaped Cheetos. Partnering with lead agency Citizen Relations, we used Facebook Spark AR to make the museum come alive, featuring Cheetos that felt real enough to touch—but without the messy orange fingers.

Play with your food

The filter was fully interactive with several surprise and delight touchpoints. Facebook users could interact with the snacks—triggering unique animations—then submit their own peculiarly-shaped Cheeto photo to the contest website for a chance to win a big cash prize.


It’s a real treat every time we get to work with AR, and a bonus to partner with such an iconic brand. This campaign combined creative thinking with technology and style, and turned into a hilarious way to showcase a classic snack.


  • Citizen Relations