American Express X NBA 2K23

For NBA 2K partner AMEX, we challenged esports fans to play like the greats IRL.

Shoot Your Shot

Momentum Worldwide and AMEX asked us to help bring the iconic video game to life in celebration of the latest release of NBA 2K. In just one month, we designed and installed The Lab: The ultimate training experience based on actual playable moves from the game inspired by the GOATs themselves.

Level Up in the Lab

Can you sink a Lebron Flying Floater? How about a Curry Double Clutch Layup? We recreated the high-risk, high-reward energy of NBA 2K23 with a timed challenge on an LED, touch-sensitive half-court complete with a full light show an surround sound experience. People who lined up to compete cheered each other on, talked a little trash, took their shots, then came back for round two (or three). They walked away with a shareable highlight reel for bragging rights online.

Our Game Plan

We developed the multi-layered experience in-house and then built it out on-site for the first time at the venue in Soho, NYC. The LED, touch-sensitive floor tiles guided players through a timed series of shots increasing difficulty. The cameras were intricately coordinated to capture this choreography and render an electric, highly shareable playback video for players of all levels.

Now That's a Slam Dunk

The scoreboard shows: 3 out of 4 player video downloads. 1065 player downloads. A huge success by every metric.

Buzzer Beater

What does it feel like to sink a shot in front of a crowd of thousands? Probably something like this. With a big dream and no time to spare, Thinkingbox gave esports fans the experience of a lifetime.


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  • NBA2K
  • Momentum Worldwide