Tech Stack Racer

Gamifying Adobe’s tech stack into a fast-paced, educational, interactive experience.

Playable tech

Adobe asked us to do something big for Summit 2019 to help educate Information Technologists on the wonders of Adobe's tech stack. So, with our friends at Standard Transmission, we built Tech Stack Racer, a gamified race that showcases the way Adobe helps IT and marketing work in perfect harmony.

Better, faster, stronger

To show how the Adobe Tech Stack can impact our everyday lives, we created seven real-life scenarios. Each scenario utilized a combination of nine puzzles to describe the different Tech Stack components. Add in three levels of fun, and the complexity of this game was endless! Win the top score of one level? Might as well go for the other two!


The success and engagement of the Tech Stack Racer at Summit 2019 prompted us to bring it around the country to other affiliate conferences. All-in-all, we learned that the drive of players determined to beat their coworkers' high scores is a great marketing tool.