DuPont & R/GA

TED DuPont Dome Projection

DuPont launched an integrated marketing campaign called "Invent A Better N:ow" to reintroduce the nearly 217-year-old brand as a source of essential innovations that transform industries and everyday life. For TED 2019 in Vancouver, we partnered with R/GA to create a meditative 360-degree experience to support this campaign and showcase DuPont's innovation. Thinkingbox was tasked with bringing the creative vision to life by building a multi-sensory experience that captivated the audience through an epic journey. To design an immersive experience worthy for TED, we created a dome projection, complete with 4D features, where attendees entered the dome in groups for a meditative experience that centered them into "The Now." As guests took their seats, they were taken on a journey from the ocean floor and launched into space. We programmed vital moments along the way to create a visceral 4D experience like fans gently blowing air, and rumbling chairs were synced with projected content. The combination of all of these details allowed us to captivate participants throughout the two-minute experience completely.