Pinterest's Trendiest Apartment

Never one to shy away from trend-spotting, Pinterest tasked us with creating a microsite to host Pledge’s “Trendiest Apartment”. Internet trends are a fickle beast that cannot be tamed. So instead, we tracked them, and used that data in real-time to furnish a real-life apartment that was able to change as often as the trends did (which was—unsurprisingly—a LOT). To show off the constant transformation, we embedded a livestream of the apartment being created in real-time. For 12 hours, as the trends changed, so did the apartment. Using the live Pinterest trend data, the apartment was constantly changed to reflect the latest trends, whether that be a “black and white aesthetic”, “everything pink”, or “70s room”. Every hour the apartment was photographed, and those images were uploaded in real-time via Pinterest API integration to a live Pin Board on the microsite, which also contained a countdown for the live event.